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AFAIK, no (non-surgical, obviously) way is known to reduce fat locally. The only fat reduction tool in existence remains a combination of increased energy output and reduced input - AKA exercising and not eating too much. Everything else is dishonest marketing.


Sauna belts are yet another fad that the weight loss industry seems to perpetuate as a sure fire way to lose weight. Unfortunately, there’s no scientific evidence that shows they are effective in reducing body fat. They can, however, reduce water weight. Because they produce excessive perspiration, sauna belts are supposed to reduce water weight more ...


I can't speak from personal experience, still being a bit on the scrawny side and only recently having started the program, but You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren comes with a fair amount of recommendations and you can see from his build that it apparently works. He includes both exercise programs and suggestions for diet in the book. There are apparently ...


You need to reduce your calorie intake so you have a small calorie deficit (around 200kcal/day would be good, 500kcal/day as an absolute maximum) - this will facilitate the weight loss. However at the same time you need to be very disciplined with what you eat, maintaining a high protein intake and continuing to work out is key to maintaining your muscle ...

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