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Although you asking about the effects of alcohol on health which has been alluded in other comments. It seems you are keen to understand the effect of alcohol on weight gain and if it's worse than carbohydrates.The estimates of energy intake you get from carbohydrates and alcohol are as follows: I gram of Carbohydrate =4 Kcal I gram of alcohol = 7Kcal In ...


Specifically, I think your biggest issue will be cognitive impairment. The image of two kids in a basement toking and curling is honestly quite hilarious, and probably isn't going to be too much of a problem in and of itself. More to the point: Curling is a terribly inefficient exercise unless you're a rather advanced body builder, which I'm going to ...


Assuming it is legal to smoke marijuana where you live, I would suggest waiting until after you work out to enjoy a smoke. Smoking while your body is under stress from the weightlifting makes it harder to reap the benefits of working out.


I did not have good results after six weeks, but I feel my movement patterns have gotten better. Found a lot of little snaps and twinges that I got rid of. Identified some major stabilization issues with my right leg. Bodyweight is very functional training by its nature.


change your routine every 6 to 10 weeks and work on progressive overload, you cant curl the same weight and expect the muscle to grow.. go to www.musclehack.com . you can thank me later. I know this is old but Im guessing your arms haven't improved much?


For bulking up, you should eat more and better. You seem to be low on protein. 3 egg whites make almost no difference (they give you ~10g of protein), 100g of meat is very low as it gives you ~30g of proteins. Supposing you get another 10g of protein at dinner, you get ~50g per day. You should aim for 1.5g per kg of body weight per day at the very least. ...


Some thoughtful answers have already been given so I'm just going to focus on one aspect -- the challenges of building muscle as a vegetarian. The important thing to know is that consuming protein is essential for muscle growth and repair. You should also know that not all proteins are equal. Most bodybuilders will tell you that animal protein is superior ...


The wording of your question suggests that whey would be the best protein source, which might be questioned. Whey is cheap (since it is a by-product) and easy to isolate. Egg protein - others stated - is good, since it has the optimal combination of amino acids, but the yield ratio is quite bad, since one egg has only about 6g of protein. I'd see beans and ...


I'ts merely always a trade-off. I am following YBIYG and I am quite happy with it, since it is quite great if you have little time and/or want to spend little money. YBIYG presents some example programs with 4-5 training days a week and 20-36 minutes of training a day, which I am following. My body has changed since I started the program, I am more defined ...

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