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You need to strengthen your lats and biceps, which can be attained by dumbbell rows or/and you need to lose weight which can be achieved by eating less and eating healthier; and also doing cardio.


Do slow negatives, start at the top and lower yourself slowly, this is the way most people get strong enough to do their first, clean pull/chin-ups. If you have a rubber band to attach to the bar, that can work too.,


Effective for what? For the purpose of building an athletic body, quite likely not. The exercises are simply not sufficiently taxing if done properly, as they target multiple muscle groups and the only resistance is one's body weight. As circuit training, it falls short in that it's a third of the recommended time, even according to the authors of the paper ...


The tabata method, or similar HIIT training has been shown to be effective training (I am assuming that is these 7-minute workouts are taking a similar approach. Short description here. This training method works better if you are already in shape though, and is mostly for increasing performance, rather than fat loss (exercise should be performed for a ...


You've tagged your post with bodyweight-exercises, you can look at this great plan here, as for a guide, I suggest you go through the /r/bodyweight FAQ. If you want more information on exercises and training, check out exrx.net, which is great source for a lot of training and nutrition information.


I can't think of a definition of "Bible of working out" better than the marvellous, free site EXRX. As a suggestion, you may want to start by having a look at their Beginner's page, or go directly to Exercise Instruction and learn about designing your own workout. A much simpler, yet very nice source of honest information about working out at home is ...


Check out Muscle and Strength. They have articles specifically for fat loss. https://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/fat-loss

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