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I'm partial to Tom Kurz' Science of Sports Training. Supertraining is well spoken of. Part of the problem you'll run into is that this is an incredibly broad topic that can span multiple distinct research disciplines. Going from the high level overview down to the biochemistry will take a long time if you're just looking to put together a workout program. ...


One book that's been helpful is Jim Stoppani's Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength. It has information on core concepts, workout programs, and nutrition along with a handy list of exercises. It also breaks down how to organize your workout program for various possible fitness goals (losing weight, gaining muscle mass, and gaining strength).


A few years back, while working on writing some fitness software, I came upon a book by Jim Bennett called The Weight Training Workbook. I was so impressed by the content that I decided to package it with the software. The book opens with a foreword by Bill Pearl former Mr. America, Mr. USA, and Mr. Universe. “This no-nonsense book leaves little to the ...

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