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Sizing a heavy bag is all about how much resistance you want to your techniques, and the types of techniques that you are going to be using, as well as the space that you have to work with. If you are working on precision and/or are a light striker, then you may want a 3-4 foot bag (Or if you are female). If you want more resistance training, then (as you ...


I would recommend 4ft/5ft punching bags because they are very much common these days and are mostly used for training and sparring purposes in boxing, mma and other combat sports. You can find some of the top quality punch bags here; http://rdxsports.com/boxing/punch-bags/ I have personally a great experience with rdx punch bags and they are awesome. Once ...


If you don't know how to throw a punch, please don't. You may injure your wrists and shoulders. In order to burn fat and lose weight, the most important aspect is your diet. Adjust your diet, you will lose fat.

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