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Maybe wood chips like the ones that pad the ground in children's play equipment in parks. This would be soft but maybe mix this with sand to add weight.


Throwing punches in the air is usually called shadow-boxing, sometimes you see Boxers do it in front of a mirror. The purpose of shadow boxing is conditioning and practicing technique (if done in front of a mirror). Shadow boxing during running can have three purposes, first it might be for loosening up muscles that start to teghtening up during running ...


I have used a mix of foam, old clothes and corn for my bags. There are some other ways to create a boxing bag - car tires:


I sincerely doubt that packing peanuts will provide any resistance to your punches. Rice is something you can buy cheaply in huge bulk, and is dense enough to provide the resistance you need. You can also help packing it by using old clothes you don't need. It doesn't have to be all rice. If you use a mixture of small particles (e.g. rice or sand) and ...

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