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I am water skier and bare footer. When you are coming up especially on a bare foot back up trick you may get water up your nose. It does irritate some people and they just use water proof bandage tape to tape the nostrils shut. I learned it from Mike Seipel - a former bare world barefoot champion.


Growing up surfing, I'd get water in my nose constantly. When stuffed up I'd splash some up in there and snot rocket all the junk out. Even a "saline nasal spray" is just a fancy way of blowing salt water into your nose. If there's a problem I'd venture to guess it has more to do with whatever badness is in the water (chemicals, pathogens, etc). You can ...


These exercises are variations of the hollow body hold, which is quite a common exercise for gymnasts in order to perfect their handstand. As this an intense core exercise, it is always going to be especially hard to breath due to the abs being held in contraction. However, I personally do these types of exercises and find that quick forceful exhaling and ...


If your query is to know different breathing techniques. Than i would tell you a technique from yoga. You need to sit in a relax mode cross leg. Inhale air from one nose opening and closing the other one. Now release air from other nose opening. Repeat this process alternatively. This will increase your oxygen intake, make you feel relaxed.


The only specific type of breathing I know is belly breathing, or diaphragmatic. Basically, your diaphragm (and not your chest) should be doing most of the rising and falling to breathe. As a long time asthma sufferer, this form of breathing has been brought up to me since I was a child. A 1992 study states: Deep diaphragmatic training resulted in ...


Is there a correct way to breathe? No. If you are doing heavy compound movements such as the squats and deadlifts, the valsalva maneuver is used to ensure a tight core so that you protect your lower back and able to power through when doing the movements. With that said, even the valsalva maneuver has its pros and cons. As for running/jogging, I would go ...

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