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I think Eric Kaufman's answer is better, but a good exercise I found recently is jogging on my toes while intentionally pushing myself vertically up more than normal. I am tried to increase air time while running but noticed alot of soreness for just 30 min of doing this each time I do it; which is 2-3 times so far.


It seems like calf size is very genetically inherited Anecdotally speaking, I think you may be correct. Some of us have one or more body parts that tend to be stubborn when it comes to gaining mass. Calves tend to be one of those body parts. I know it was for me. I didn’t really see any improvement until I tried something different. I thought that I ...


In the gym I'd recommend cleans and jump rope. Cleans require you to jump and drive through your calves. I think folks who are doing cleans are putting a lot more load on their calves than the rather always-seems-goofy calf raise. Plus cleans are just awesome in their own right, although they're hard for some to learn (it took me a while). The other I'd ...


You can try doing single leg calf raise, it would require you to balance yourself front and back and side to side too, so that would work it pretty well. Also, have you tried doing more active type of exercises like jumping or running barefoot, which activates calves a lot and at the same time you have to use muscles in all planes due to the unilateral ...

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