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How many calories did I burn while doing [ACTIVITY]? Unfortunately, any answer to this question can only be an estimate at best, and it is not wise to trust any number to be 100% accurate. However, there are a few reference lists that can be used as a rough estimate: Harvard Health Mayo Clinic


A lot depends on the intensity and the duration of a training. You'll find lots of articles on the internet about this. Just to give you an example I've placed 2 links below which compare running & running stairs. Ask the Personal trainer Running vs Stairs Running on stairs does in fact burn more calories than running on the flat. But the question ...


Depends entirely on intensity. Interval training on a treadmill for 50 minutes will burn more calories than a steady bike ride for 50 minutes. All of the exercised have their benefits and drawbacks in terms of impact to your body but it is generally accepted that a cross trainer has the least impact on your joints.

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