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A good post workout meal is pizza. Pizza is high in both protein and carbohydrate. The protein will be used for recovery and for building mass, you may need additional protein depending on workout. The base of the pizza is your carbohydrate which will put the 'weight' you want to put on. Then the ham, sausage, pepperoni, Cheese is your protein value. For ...


Eat more calories than you use and you will put on weight. With reference to gaining muscle by timing your meals: current evidence does not appear to support the claim that immediate (≤ 1 hour) consumption of protein pre- and/or post-workout significantly enhances strength- or hypertrophic-related adaptations to resistance exercise Just eat 5-15% above ...


You do need to regain that lost lean mass and better to remake it from proteins than carbs. I'd stick to the diet, but gain calories from proteins like lentils and nuts(which also have fat so be careful) rather than carbs(even healthy ones like sweet potato). I know people who have lost up to 30 lbs in two months by about 70% of their daily caloric intake as ...


Significant diet changes often have a transition period while your system adapts, so I wouldn't immediately panic. On the other hand, without a lot of detail in your post, it seems to me your fat intake may be too low. If you cut carbs you need to make up the fuel somewhere

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