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so that my body uses my own stored bored fat to generate glucose Note that is is virtually impossible for a human body to generate glucose from fat. And vice-verse. If you overeat pure sugar, there is no chance the sugar would be converted to fat. However it is extremely hard to loose fat in this condition.


Just to recap our discussion. At your weight and height, you are not obese. I would highly recommend exercising and following your macros, that can be calculated here A very good site, to track your macros is myfitnesspal If would also look into something called intermittent fasting But, since you said your family has a history of diabetes i would strongly ...


Don't worry too much about the macronutrients to begin with. Try to eat healthy and exercise, that will get you started. If you eat some milk products (yoghurt, cheese, milk) beans or nuts you'll get your share of protein. Forming good eating and exercising habits is the key because otherwise it will remain a constant battle against your old habits!

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