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Assuming that you are able to generate ketones from your stored fat, it's still a bad idea to under-eat fat, because each fat cell can only deliver a certain amount of energy per day, when your calorie deficit goes beyond this point, you will start breaking down muscle tissue (which is much lower in energy density than fat tissue), leading to rapid but bad ...


You can check this outsanding things to make a perfect diet http://xs.gy/fatburningguide


What do you mean by carb deficit? There is no carb requirement level that you can be over or under. You can eat 80% carbs or 0% carbs and be fine. If your total intake of calories is less than your total calorie use, you will burn fat, even if you lie in bed all day. Wether you lose fat or muscle depends on your current amount of muscle, on your level of ...


This question, as worded, is off-topic. But, since I've written such a program in the past, I'll point you to what I used. The USDA maintains a Nurtient Database that can be downloaded. If memory serves me, it's large and is distributed in several parts. There is documentation to help you decipher each part of the download.

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