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1) You can't spot reduce. Your body stores fat all over (and inside) of you in a ratio that's tied to your DNA. There's nothing you can do to target fat in any particular area. 2) You should get evaluated on your "moobs" to determine if you have gynecomastia (nicknamed: gyno ... like guy-no). 3) Most of your body fat deposits have to do with how much you ...


Be careful with too much bench pressing if you have a job where you arms are outstretched all day as you may end up with rounded shoulders.


Do a balanced program, meaning, train your back as much as your chest and shoulders. Do high volume chest exercises e.g. Dumbbell or Barbell Bench press, weight push ups and dips, you should at least be bench pressing 1.2xbw before changing it up for something. Train higher volume with medium intensity.


The reality is there are 3 or 4 ways to expand your chest visually in order: Chest Muscles Lat Muscles Shrink Waist Enlarge Shoulders A good starting point will be Dumbbell Bench Press (generally gets better range of motion than barbell), Dips, Barbell Rows, and Flies and/or Pec Deck if you have one. For some depending on your mechanics Dumbbell Bench ...


Neither are really great for your shoulders. In fact, some of the most wrecked shoulders I've seen are from people who bench press all day and neglect their back and deltoids (the front, top, and rear of which make up your shoulder muscles). I would very much recommend using the standing overhead press. For bodyweight, consider dive bombers.


The short answer: yes. Long answer: You have to look at it like incline and flat bench press those two targetbyour chest muscles differently (and incline uses more of your delts but puts less stress on them than a flat bench). For starters I would recommend you to go with flat bench (as this would target most of your chest) and remember to slightly bend ...

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