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To build muscle, it is best to do a variety of repetitions. There is no magic number at which your spine will be hurting (especially as biomechanics do not cause an injury). Try to do one session a week with heavier resistance and repetitions of 4-8, and on the other session with repetition from 8-12 or higher as you do now. This way you will build more ...


Yes, you can perform grip work as suggested by Alec. In the meantime consider using straps or at least chalk for hands to increase friction and combination of the two would improve your 'feel' in a given muscle. Consider as well is the weight that you are pulling too heavy for the goal you want to achieve? Regards


If it's harmful for the spine, it will let you know in the form of pain or exhaustion. Since you're working with weights less than 100kg, there generally isn't much reason to believe that your back can't handle it. Adding 12kg to 86kg isn't a drastic change. Your skeleton has already handled weight on this order for a long time already. If you're able to ...


Yes. This is a normal problem to have, but one that is easily (but slowly) fixed by simply taking 5 minutes or so every workout to do some grip work. For instance, if you're doing deadlifts, do some bar holds after your last set/rep. Just stand there, and hold the bar. Adjust the weight if necessary. After you're done with pullups/chins, do some dead ...

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