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I was finally able to do pull-ups starting last year. I had previously tried assisted pull-ups and was never able to get up to body weight pull-ups What finally helped me do pull-ups were a few things: 1) instead of assisted pull-ups, try negative pull-ups. You start at the top of the bar and lower yourself down in a slow, controlled motion, lasting 4-5 ...


Use a chair to do assisted pull-ups. Place a chair under the pull-up bar, place one leg on the chair and push against it to assist in your pull-up motion. Using this method, you can choose how much assistance you want, and increase a bit with each pull-up. This enables you to do many more reps than would be possible without the assist.


Pull ups require good development of the back muscles , and you are lifting your body weight. So to increase the number of pull ups you can start doing lat pull downs on machine . These pull downs are to be performed with strict form , with no or least bent in the spine, and bringing the bar to your chins.As you progress and reach about 80-90 % of your body ...


Pull ups are much harder for women, than for men. Males have significant more muscle mass on their upper bodies than women does, so it is natural, it is hard. That said, focus on assisted exercises to begin with. Grip strength also plays a role, but should come quite quickly for beginners. Rubber-bands Assisted Pull-ups - lift her up by her feet Row ...


Inverted Row This is really best exercise for beginners who can't do a single pull-up or chin-up. One can adjust the inclination (angle of the body w.r.t ground) to adjust the difficulty of the exercise. The following picture shows Inverted row (for pull-ups) just use palms facing toward you (supinated grip) you'll have exercise for improving chin-ups.


Get a thick rubber band, and do them a lot. I had the same problem as you, but I started doing crossfit, and there they are the standard movement. I did not really get that much stronger, but I just did them a lot, with a band to begin with. I think it is mainly a motor skill, where you need to practise activation other muscles. Don't feel bad if it is ...

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