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Depends, yes, it has to be mantained. The longer you have been working on that muscle the more difficult it will be to lose it and the faster you will regain it by training after you've lost it. Think about it as a habit, you do something many times and it becomes automatic and an addiction, it's difficult to stop doing it, for your cells it's the same.


To an extent. As long as you're progressing in volume it would be hard for you to lose mass when going back to low rep/heavy weight training. I enjoy doing both. So for instance training 5x5 on a monday. Doing high rep work on a wed and then heavy weight, low rep on friday.


YES, both muscle size and strength need to be maintained. However, you need to provide much less stimulus to maintain said size/strength gains than you needed to grow them initially. E.g. going from a 5x5 protocol to a 3x10 or vice-versa shouldn't see any kind of strength or size loss, so long as you're keeping the same intensity and eating properly. That ...

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