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Overall, exercise generally lowers one's starting heart rate. HIIT may provide superior benefits to continuous training (although some disagree, saying that it's more useful when you're already at a lower HR). Overtraining can raise one's resting heart rate due to increased stress from your body trying to soldier on without sufficient recovery time. It ...


The best way to learn is by doing. Of course, the risk with flips is that a) if you don't do them right, it's possible to severely injure yourself and b) doing them repeatedly is risky, because eventually, you will get tired and it makes the odds of doing the flip wrong more risky. You can reduce the incidence of the first case by practicing the flips in a ...


I have no strength or stretching exercises for this purpose, but I do see this: I have been spending one afternoon a week practicing cartwheels, handstands, backbends, and walkovers. Gymnastics skills benefit from frequent practice. Even a quick few minutes of practice every day could make a huge difference versus once a week.

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