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No. DMAA was banned in 2012, but not creatine.


I just wanna add something (i might be wrong, a doctor confirmation would be appreciated) but 98% of mass gainers use high in sugar and high IG carbs as a calorie source. Aka maltodextrine or fructose etc. A high dose of sugar (not carbs, >sugar<) in the very long term can give you diabetes. So if you're like me and need a shitload of calories to pack on ...


Neither of these supplements are habit forming so no, your body will not "crave" them after you stop using them. However, the effects of both will subside when you stop taking them. If you need to supplement a weight gainer to pack on mass, you will likely need to continue to keep your caloric intake at a certain level to continue to sustain your bulk. ...


If using something like mass gainer (mostly dexstrose) is the only way you're able to maintain a high calorie intake, then you will lose mass if you stop taking it. I don't think this is the case though, just eat more food generally and you will maintain your muscle weight. Creatine gives you a performance boost that can make you gain more muscle since you ...

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