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More often than not, if you want to work on form, you should decrease the weight. If your form breaks, it does so when the load is high. Naturally there are exceptions to this rule, as there are to any rule, but if you've found an exercise where heavy weights force you into strict form, you've found a magical exercise. That said, make sure you know good and ...


Freeletics is basically CrossFit for the bodyweight exercises. It doesn't have as big of a following, but Freeletics originated in Germany. Instead of it being a lifestyle as CF is, the program is for generally 15 weeks of hard exercises. If you get the Coach, it will tell you what to do throughout the week. If not and you want all the exercises, I recommend ...


I agree with Geoff Hutchison, but I also have to add that an exercise you don't know or you haven't done many times are always more physically demanding than an exercise which you perform for years, because your body remembers movements, so it seems easier to you.


Your maximum heart rate depends considerably on the activity. I haven't done crossfit before, but certainly you're involving more muscle groups than running. Biking and running have different HR zones because of weight-bearing vs. sitting. I suspect your HR zones for Crossfit and running are simply different. It sounds like you're working hard with both ...

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