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You're limiting yourself to the number of exercises by only using dumbbells. But if that's all you have then these are my dumbbell suggestions for the upper arm: Do hammer curls for the brachialis. It also works forearms at the same time. Do normal dumbbell curls for the bicep. Use a narrow grip (dumbbells closer together) to put more emphasis on the ...


Absolutely yes. I used to be incredibly skinny but changed my workout completely on the advice of a personal trainer. I used to work hard on biceps with zero results. I changed my workout to focus on the major and largest muscles of the body e.g. legs and chest and my arms grew in size dramatically and that is after doing zero biceps curls or anything ...


It really depends on what you are looking for. As xiaohouzi79 said, if you're happy with your current arm growth doing other exercises, that's perfectly fine. However, if you're looking for additional definition (not growth) you will most likely at least have to have one good time in your lifting cycle focusing on your arms. I would recommend that you make ...


Hammer curls are supposed to target the brachioradialis and brachialis muscle more directly than a standard curl due to pronation.


It's fine to skip arm specific exercises if you are already happy with how they are progressing without direct exercises. I personally focus more on my legs because I need them more for the sport I play. You can also focus more on strengthening exercises using something like Ausband than building large arm muscles. Which is what I do.


There's nothing wrong with performing biceps concentration curls in the manner you describe as long as you do them in a controlled manner. There's actually no correlation between the style of the curls you perform and whether you get “stronger biceps faster”. Stick with what works for you. And, biceps concentration curls are typically done as a ...


The shoulder muscle which you are referring to is the front deltiod. EZ bar curls require a good deal of form in comparison to dumbbell curls. If you are assuming correct form when doing this exercise you should have have feet shoulder width apart with your back straight. Also try to bend your knees slightly while doing this - I found it helped when I ...


This could come down to a few simple things. your form your flexibility overexertion ....your form I have been lifting now for eight solid years and am now prepping for NJ amateur show later this year. I have lifted for strength (football in hs) quickness (wrestling) and now physique and aesthetic preparedness in college for a show. All the way ...


My perception is that the hammercurl builds the width off the bicep as supposed to the regular curl. i do them infront of my chest and never higher than a 90 degree angle. if you go higher you target different muscles.

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