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Getting Basal or Resting Metabolic Rate Measurement will explain most of it. Please go to nearby laboratory and ask for it, they will explain what to do for the test and you will have accurate number for your Metabolism. I believe your BM is getting slower and you almost reached your plateau. Try different combinations of training such as intervals and for ...


Food packaging is based on averages it is more or less right sometimes you'll get more calories, sometimes less. Most of your calories are spent on maintaining your body's functions. (About 3/4 in fact) You would have to be doing some incredibly hard exercise to lose weight through exercise alone. The most likely thing is your not tracking your calories ...


protein, fat, and carbs all contain a different amount of calories per gram protein = 4 carbs = 4 fat = 9 so your math is: protein : 241 * 4 = 964 carbs : 402 * 4 = 1608 fat: 71 * 9 = 639 so total is: 964 + 1608 + 639 = 3211 If those are the macros, it looks like the math on the site might be off by a bit. If you are new to building, then you ...


Assuming 2712 calories is your daily target and not the author's, that is the total daily requirement. Thus 2712 cals / 6 meals = 452 cals/meal.

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