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I am an avid runner. Several years ago i took up squats as a part of my regiment. I can tell you that it will absolutely ruin your current running ability, although over the long term it actually seems rather helpful for injury prevention and positively effects short distance running, and ends up not effecting long distance skill all that much.


This is a great question. David Dellanave, a well-known coach, 2012 world-record holder in the Jefferson deadlift, and the author of Off the Floor: A Manual for Deadlift Domination, has a pretty good page has this to say about the "why": Let’s get the reasoning for doing this awkward looking lift out of the way first. Here’s the short version: because ...


So I believe it depends on your progression. When you just start training there is really no need for a mixed grip until you can deadlift with good form and reach heavier weigths. However doing mixed grip only on really heavy sets (>90% of 1RM) can result in injury due to not getting used to mixed grip. So training it is important. Handeling really heavy ...


My Recommendation I advocate deadlifting with a double overhand with no hook grip for as many warm-up sets as possible, in order to develop grip strength. For heavy warm-ups and work sets, I think a hook grip with chalk is the best way to develop grip while still moving heavy weights. I don't use the mixed grip, and would only advocate it for PR attempts ...


Grip depends on so many factors, but I prefer overhand grip for both. Mixed grip is great if you want to lift more, but if you rely on it, it promotes various muscle imbalances.


It is impossible to answer this question without a form check. You are probably doing the deadlift wrong by either overextending or rounding the lumbar spine. It's also possible that you're just weak in the lower back and are misinterpreting extreme soreness as problematic pain.

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