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You need to strengthen your grip. Eventually when getting near 1RM (usually around 3RM) most people will need to flip to a "mixed grip", where one grip is overhand and the other is underhand. But it's a bad way to train and studies show that it doesn't develop you symmetrically (can't find the study at the moment). Pullups, chin ups, farmer's walks, and ...


If the bar is slipping from your grip that's generally a sign that you need to grip the bar better. That could mean gripping tighter, which is always helpful, but it could also mean using chalk or, if the weight is heavy enough to justify it, a hook grip.


A belt should only be worn if you having issues keeping your back flat. Using a belt all the time can wreck your core strength pretty badly. Most lifters use the belt on their heavy lifts to ensure compression. To some, they are like a safety blanket just like wrist wraps and knee wraps. http://deadliftworkouts.com/choosing-the-best-deadlift-belt/


Use everything above as mentioned. Deadlift is not easy to learn and should be done with light weight first. Otherwise, one wrong move can mean a major injury. http://deadliftworkouts.com/deadlift-perform-it/


Completely agree with the above. Clean presses however do positively impact your deadlift strength and performance, so it is always good to include both in your routine. Here is some possible benefits of the clean exercise. http://deadliftworkouts.com/benefits-clean-press/


When I was coached for the deadlift, I was advised that the first inch is the most important, followed by the distance up to the knee line. Past that you're generally in the clear. That's anecdotal, but it's been true for me and most people I've talked to. Answering your question showed me that at (or around) that point, the quads become less dominant and ...

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