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Your primary concern here is obviously to identify the cause of your pain. To investigate this, you will need to use exercises which are broadly similar to the military press, compare which of them cause pain, and use these as a basis from which to locate the issue. For instance, in this video by Jeff Cavaliere, he uses barbells, dumbbells, and cables to ...


Hard to say anything definite without seeing a video or pictures but I'm thinking it could be a combination of a weak core and faulty technique. Try doing the plank and back raises, without and with added weight, and see how it feels. Does it hurt similarly? As for diagnosing your form: look in a mirror to see the curvature of your back, as you're ...


I like standing diagonally, because you have balance in all directions, you won't have to compensate with the curvature of your back as much to avoid falling over. Also, keep your core tight while pressing.


Several years ago I began feeling a sharp pain in my left shoulder (behind my deltoid muscle, near the joint) during chest exercises. At first the pain was minor so I kept with my normal weightlifting routine. Over the next few weeks, however, the pain became progressively worse. It finally reached a point where I could no longer do any chest exercises (or ...

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