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Some thoughtful answers have already been given so I'm just going to focus on one aspect -- the challenges of building muscle as a vegetarian. The important thing to know is that consuming protein is essential for muscle growth and repair. You should also know that not all proteins are equal. Most bodybuilders will tell you that animal protein is superior ...


Where are you getting this information? Unless you have some sort of muscular dystrophy, you can ALWAYS build muscle. It doesn't matter if you're building it for the first time, or re-building it for the tenth. Why would lost muscle mass be lost forever?


Don't worry, you have the wrong information. The only truth is, you can build back your muscles. Big and extreme changes like those on Christian Bale are not good for health at all. If your body is constantly in shock, after some time it can become "stubborn" in terms of difficult weight gain/weight loss. That's why balance is the best solution for your ...

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