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First you should have clear some concepts. You don't burn fat on belly by doing abs, nor you don't make them visible by doing it. As it's said, abs are made in the kitchen. Doing abs workout, what you do is make them bigger, as with other muscles. You should focus your routine almost the same way you focus it for muscle gain, but introducing some more ...


The reason porridge is thought of as an easy to digest food, is that it has no large pieces for the body's digestive system to have to process. Just like eating mashed potatoes vs. home fries, or yogurt vs. cottage cheese. You don't even need to CHEW porridge. It just slides on down. As far as providing much nutrition, though, that's the catch. Depending ...


When it comes to weight training, one of the best ways to keep mass/strength as much as possible is to lift with less volume but try to keep up intensity. I'm cutting at the moment so I'm dropping the overall sets that I'm doing but trying to lift as heavy as I reasonably can. It's hard to progress on anything or get bigger on a cut unless you've just ...


To make abs visible the most important factor(the faster one) is to lower your caloric intake but keep or even raise your protein intake. Also long term usage of the muscle improves local circulation and improves fuel efficiency making your abs more "definited", local fat loss is possible but it's more of a long term thing, thus negligible.

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