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Potentially your issue could be water weight. The more dehydrated you are the more lethargic you can be, not sure how calliper's reflect this but the handheld composition devices are heavily skewed by water level, more dehydrated means lower bodyfat numbers on those devices.


To answer your question: Why is coconut milk used so much by sportsmen and women? Nutritional content: As you rightly asserted, there is a high quantity of saturated fat this is due to the high level of coconut oil, The FDA, WHO, ICoN, DHHS, ADA, AHA, British NHS, and DoC recommend against consuming in significant amounts due to its high levels of ...


Intermittant fasting works well. Caffiene is a appatite suppressant so black coffee or a cup of tea could be helpful. I find the following advice to be most helpful: "If you are hungry, drink a glass of water, if you are still hungry then consider eating an apple. If you are not hungry enough to deal with eating a apple then you aren't truly hungry. If ...


First, regarding schedule, I'd recommend you to consider adapting the intermittent fasting method. Since I began to eat according to it, my hunger became much easier to handle as I am not much hungry during the fasted state and my meals became biggers. Regarding food, the answer is vegtables. They are rich in fibers and have low glicemic index, therefore ...

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