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In order to engage your chest during dips, lean forward slightly. It doesn't really have to do with the width of the bars, rather the angle of your lean. That being said, leaning forward will still work your triceps as well. See this article for some good info on dips.


I also have had varying levels of rotator cuff pain over the years. Most of the time for me its been from bad technique on bar bell bench press, or dumbbell shoulder/bench press movements. There are many ways you can isolate and train (very carefully!) these muscles. I have always found a pain free shoulder strengthening exercise to be the seated barbell ...


Throughout, I will refer to actual dips, not bench dips. What is the real difference between dips and push ups? First of all, dips are harder than push-ups. Good. That means they're better at making you stronger. That's why the "Average F'ing Program" you link to advises people to switch to dips as soon as possible. It's a strength program, after all. You ...


It depends on what you try to reach with dips. If you want to hit the triceps, you can do some pushup variations, e.g. diamond pushups. If you'd like to hit your chest, then it's a little bit difficult. Maybe this video gives you some hints (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALg8W4xxmSk). Just for the case that you haven't thought of installing rings on your ...

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