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I've written a previous answer about this, which I would recommend reviewing. In short, DOMS is not a good indicator of muscle stress, growth, recovery, or training effectiveness. It is brought about through a combination of factors, primarily eccentric exercises. From Wikipedia: Muscles undergoing heavy eccentric loading suffer greater damage when ...


First, you make no mention of your training goals or experience, so, I'll assume it's general fitness. With that in mind, I'd say that using DOMS as a goal... “IMHO I think DOMS are awesome, it's like rewarding pain” ...is not appropriate. While there are several posts regarding DOMS on this site, I would refer you to the one I wrote on the ...


Between the 17th and 30th of October, almost two weeks have passed. That's far too long of a time period for your muscles to really get used to the movements and resistance. If you want to avoid DOMS, and make better progress, you need to consider working out a lot more often. A good place to start is every 2 days.


After the DOMS goes away, does it mean that I have gained more strength than before and my body will adapt to the weight? You might benefit from reading my response to a similar question. Although the question refers to a specific body part, the science behind my answer is still the same. To quote from that answer: Current research indicates that ...

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