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For bench press, kick the dumbbells into place while sitting onto the bench, then reverse the process to get up. For squats and overhead press, I'd power clean the dumbbells to my shoulders. For deadlifts, I'd deadlift each dumbbell into place one at a time. Because of height issues this would unfortunately more closely resemble a round-backed squat. ...


I did some Google searches, and I thought I might as well post what I found out as an answer. In addition to dumbbell magnets, there are also wrist weights and weighted gloves.


In addition to Plate-Mates, a length of heavy metal chain might be a good solution.


You can buy dumbbell magnets to attach to the head of the dumbbells. I've typically seen 1.25lb magnets, though I suppose you can probably find 2.5 lb magnets as well.


Unless you're ready to buy serious dumbbells, you won't find an exercise that would make holding a couple of extra 1-4kg toys provide growth stimuli anyhow comparable to your previous gym workouts. Your legs are already strong enough to lift 60-90kg of the body for many reps — extra little is only better than nothing, it does not really count as lifting ...

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