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If you can not eat enough, if you try going to a nutricionist explaining your problem and he can't give you a solution junt by eating normal food, he might tell you to take carb-shakes. They have a high ratio between calories and volume. I'm not telling you just to drink gainers all day long. Just try to combine it with a healthy high caloric diet. If you ...


I know your question mentions this is not about food, but I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding. If you cannot even eat a maintenance diet, you should not be burning even more calories on exercise. An alternate question title could have been: "My car has run out of gas, how do I keep driving?" Obviously this question would be absurd. But that's ...


How to maintain shredded abs while bulking up? By lean bulking aka small caloric surplus(TDEE + 100~500 calories). However, if you are afraid of not being able to see your abs, consider doing small cuts for 1-2 weeks(not recommended since you are lean bulking and you should not be gaining too much fat while doing so).

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