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Bret Contreras's article, Best Ab Exercises uses EMG to test which exercises best activate the abs. (EMG or electromyography records the electrical activity of muscles.) Bret charts the mean and peak activation for each muscle, for each exercise. The mean activation is the average level of muscle contraction throughout the exercise motion. Muscles can ...


this exercise here @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxV54ivkt3A is the best becasue your abs are actually your prime movers as opposed to other exercises where your abs just statically contract and instead of actuallyy causing a movement


The Problem with Ab Exercises Most ab workouts/routines you see are mostly if not entirely composed of bodyweight exercises. These are great for beginners, because there is such a sharp learning curve due to the high body weight and lack of muscle. Unfortunately, they have a significant disadvantage. The problem is as your muscle grows stronger and adapts ...

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