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I second on Tabata protocol , note however , that the (very good) endurance increase is subject to 2 issues: 1) you should be pretty fit to doing tabata 2) the gains will stall after 3 weeks (or something like that), so you could expect 6 to 12 good training sessions , that will do you good. after that you will gain nothing.


If all you have is 5 minutes and your goal is physical endurance, High Intensity Interval Training exercises are strongly recommended. Cardio exercises are very good for the heart and when performed with high intensity periodically, they build physical endurance. Also, by nature of HIIT, they are supposed to be performed in a relatively short period. ...


What not to do First off, if you're doing situps on the floor, stop it immediately. Floor situps are harmful for your back, and provide little to no effect in terms of abdominal muscle growth. While pushups are more beneficial, I have to start by saying that 5 minutes isn't enough time to do any work from which to enjoy physical benefits. It might serve as ...


First off, on a hilly ride, the time saved from being lighter is roughly proportional to your weight + bike weight. Assuming your bike weighs 8 kg, that puts your total weight at 95 kg. Cutting 5 kg saves you only about 5% of your time. The effect will be less for the run. If you want to lose some of your muscle, you're in luck; there's nothing like ...

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