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For your case, go easy on the complex carbs and sugars with your lunch. On your commute, have a pre-workout bar/snack about an hour away from the gym. Have a cup of coffee (or similar caffeine intake) about 15min from workout start. After heavy lifting, have a nice post-workout meal.


There really isn't a convenient time to workout no matter who you are. It's a lot of work, you get sweaty, you need to change your clothes, and it usually involves going somewhere other than your home or work. I try to do strength training three days a week, usually around ~3pm. The gym is empty, I can actually get in and out much faster than the busier ...


Your math is way off, because it's not being applied properly. First, a pound of fat contains 3500 Calories. Most healthy individuals do not eat that in a day unless they are high level athletes who use all of those calories. Never think you are going to lose a pound of fat a day. So we have 1 pound which is roughly equivalent to 454 grams of body ...

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