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I'd go with the larger one. Looks like it won't be as sore sitting on your shoulders. The small one also looks like it will only take small plates. This will really limit how much weight you can put on. You should ask them can they get olympic barbells in as these are what people normally use.


I'd find a new gym. But if this is your only option there's pros and cons to both. Without knowing the length I'm not sure which I'd use. The longer one I would fear would snap in half under tension, but if you're just starting out this might not be a valid concern. I would be cautious putting 300+ lbs on that though... I might be cautious putting 100 lbs ...


From the website you linked to: The surface of the push up bars are inclined at a slight angle to provide comfort to your wrist when performing push ups. Traditional push up bars have a flat surface which forces users to twist their wrist & lean their body forward. In Addition, the inclined surface of the new model helps you work your entire chest ...

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