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Not aware of any other retro fitters, but technically a bespoke system would be a trivial exercise; wondering if you've considered an alternative that may be cheaper, be less hassle to run, especially if you have no desire to capture the results from any trip computers your equipment currently carries, or a desire to issue RFID keys to your clients, and ...


A common formula for approximating calorific expenditure is: Kcal/Min ~= 5 * massKg * VO2 / 1000 Given both devices had the duration of the session and your Weight that leaves the VO2 figure as the source of the discrepancy. The machine will just have had an assumed constant and as you were not wearing a bluetooth based face mask to capture the actual ...


They use various accelerometers and detect motion on numerous algorithms to count at activity. It won't be 100% accurate but it's not "sorry, you didn't swing your arm buddy... NO REP" either.


Try it out? Go for a walk without swinging your arms and see if it counts a reasonable number of steps. Technically speaking, the accelerometer will definitely be able to record your steps even if you don't swing your arms.


See the related question, comments, and answer about residue from rubber-capped weights at Rubber residue on weights stains clothing, carpets, hands Hope it will be useful to you.


First, I've decided to return the weights. There's a point at which it's just not worth the mental and time effort to solve a problem. I've reached that point. Second, before getting to this point, I tried ideas found on Stackexchange and on the web at large, and (D'oh!) spoke to people in other fields who would feasibly have solutions. Here's the rundown. ...

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