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How about hurting yourself and be unable to exercise for a long time (possibly never again)? Is that a good reason? And yes, bad forms can easily lead to short/long-term injuries. Programs such as Strong Lifts advocate starting the weightlifting program with an empty bar. This allows you to focus on the form. Then, you increment the weight periodically. ...


I am having some trouble stopping too, but my mentor taught me the snowplow method, which is super easy. You bend down whilst gliding, and go pigeon toed, then scrape the ice with your left or right foot until you stop! Hope it helped!


I'm the one who asked this question. I'm answering my own question after 4 days. What changed in these 4 days? I've hurt my shoulder and my back. I'm unable to sit properly. My shoulder is hurting badly. Proper form is far most important than stupid increase in weights or reps. If I'm unable to maintain proper form implies that our body (bones, muscles, ...


Your routine could probably use more cardio exercise. 5-7 km once or twice a week-while better than nothing-isn't much and does very little to improve or maintain your fitness. A decent running routine for maintaining fitness might be to work on doing 30 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. The rest of your routine looks better.

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