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As an over 30's (nearly 40) skate boarder, surfer, and (mainly) snowboarder, I'll take at a crack at these. Are there any signs here that I am risking injury, long or short term? Well let's be clear that you're risking injury by skateboarding at all. You're one rock, one crack, or one obstacle away from flying onto the asphalt, and it will happen. If ...

1 I cannot think of a better resource to learn about every exercise ever thought up. Most "new" exercises are variations on these.


Exhale on the push up, breathe in on the lower. Lower slowly and explode upwards each time.


To clarify some of the points made by others: Yes, you do breathe out through nose and mouth simultaneously to exhale most effectively. If you haven't finished exhaling, your inhale will be too late and your stroke will suffer. Alternating sides, taking an odd number of strokes between breaths, is good for balancing your stroke. If you breathe to one side ...

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