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Squat: It seems like the weight is really light for you, you're bouncing around pretty fast. Your depth is great. Read up on butt wink, because you've definitely got that going on. I can see your toes dancing around a bit which is great because it means you're driving through your heels. Bench: As Dave said, you're really light on that lift. I think a ...


These all look fairly correct. Minor Corrections Squat: Mostly fine. Stay tight. Keep your chest up. Barbell row: Mostly fine. Bench: can't really tell, mostly fine. Overhead press: mostly fine, can't really tell. Deadlift: Mostly fine. I'd focus a bit more on setting your lower back position before each rep. Also, there is no reason for you to alternate ...


At 8 I would not worry about it. She hasn't even hit her growth spurt yet. If she is still slower than others by 11, then worry about it. Many parents had their kids doing all sorts of speed training at 4-8 and by the time the kid is 12, are out of sports due to injury.

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