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There are many ways to press a weight overhead. What you describe are a (1) a specific trick used in several overhead press styles, called a 'lay back' or a 'lumbar tilt' (it's unclear from your description which you're using) and (2) a strict military press: This is where it all began, in about 1920, with only the del­toids doing the work. You can­not ...


Overhead press can be very demotivating if done right, because the right way is heavier. What happens when you lean back, is that the chest muscles assist more, and chest muscles are predominantly stronger than the shoulder muscles, by virtue of being larger and more frequently used in general. The lean-back however, can damage your spine in the long run. ...


Without a video of your form, really difficult to give you a straight answer. Assuming your form is on par, try what Derek mentioned. I tend to use some long soccer socks or thick, long socks so the bar doesn't rub to much against the shins. You can also try wrapping some type of padding around the bar where it meets your shins.


There are two differences with the hamstring curl. To target the two hamstring groups separately (the lateral biceps femoris or the medial semitendinosus and semimembranosus) you don't vary the width of your feet, but the angle of your feet. If you want to engage the biceps femoris more, then angle your feet outward, while keeping the legs parallel. If ...

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