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Can you clear you your steps and start over?


Agreed. I dance for aerobic exercise and it doesnt pick up the activity. During fast songs I am moving and sweating like crazy. Nothing more frustrating when moving for 45 minutes and activity is 0. So far it has only picked up running on a tread mill as active


So how is weight training not considered active minutes? When I used to log my activities (some training sessions lasting up to 90 minutes at medium-to-high intensity) it counted the time. The latest update is so far from truthful that it shouldn't be considered indicative of physical activity. I sweat buckets when I train so the logic you provide is deeply ...


The very reason you use an elliptical (low impact on your joints) makes it difficult for the accelerometer in the FitBit Flex to detect the difference between strides. It wouldn't count steps right when you're swimming either, even if your legs are moving. This answer tells how FitBit expects you to log elliptical training. If you use the elliptical at a ...

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