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Butterfly stretch is a good one to open up the adductors (I think that's the name- anatomy newb). Stretching your piriformis would be a good move as well, youtube by Kit Laughling. Practicing activation of your pelvic muscles involved in anterior/posterior tilt movements, detailed here


It sounds like you are making a good effort to get back in shape. Quitting smoking was a good start. You say that you have seen the orthopedist, but you may also want to have a general checkup and discuss your health with your doctor - you know what they say about checking with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Given that you have joint ...


I would try something like Couch to 5k or hiring a trainer at a gym. You need a lot of guidance. Progressing from not-fit to a serious routine takes a lot of knowledge and a willingness to pay for your mistakes in injury.


Walking and Weightlifting Walking is a fine starting point for overall fitness, and to combat the problems associated with sitting at a desk for long periods. If you're completely new, just about ANY sort of resistance training is going to get you results. Once you've been at it for a few dozen sessions, you can start looking into more complete lifting ...

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