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Flexibility is very important for dolyo /round house kick


I am collecting here material and keywords related to this topic. I understand horizontal split to require flexibilities such as hamstring flexibility and hip flexibility. I understand this answer so that the user recommends sumo squats to improve hip flexibility where back straight like below by this video and this example does not target the hips that ...


Look for PNF stretching, and maybe you can buy the book of Pavel Tsatsouline, Relax into Stretch.


A few years ago, I stumbled upon someone who had written a book about pain management. I was intrigued, so, I picked up his book and readily use his exercises as part of my daily routine. Pete Egoscue professes that body alignment of the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles is critically important for posture as well as pain management. He states that if ...


Ok so 2 very basic nonfunctional postures are in short the "donald duck" (butt sticking out, or overextension of the thoracic spine) and the "pink panther" (vice versa, the butt tucking under). These are sort of antagonistic and the stretches to "fix" this depend on which of the 2 you're more inclined to. One of the best resources on this topic imo is ...


Sometimes, this does go away if you train the muscle with weight so your nerves and muscle fibers can work better together. (personal experience) Another possible cause for painfully tight flexing is an overshortened muscle. Muscles that cross two joints enter active insufficiency when both joints are flexed together. For example, if you flex your bicep by ...


Dynamic stretching is also very important to increase you flexibility. But make sure you are sufficiently warm and agile/loose when doing any stretching!!

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