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No it won't cement itself. Mobility is very much a "use it or lose it" addition to your strength arsenal. As you say stretching is temporal. So is mobility. For overhead stuff say you do shoulder dis-locators, for example, then when you're done working out, say 3 days later, you haven't done any more mobility stuff. You will lose that mobility and need to ...


On this site there should be every stretching exercise imaginable. Just do a couple each day, keep at it, be consistent and eventually It'll show: http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/finder/lookup/filter/exercisetype/id/3/exercisetype/stretching


Tom Kurz' Flexibility Express, though not the most polished DVD, is a good source of mobility and flexibility exercises that go beyond basic stretching. He touches on dynamic strength exercises like back bridges, deep wide squats, overhead pressing from a squat, deadlifts, and divebomber push-ups as ways to work towards, for instance, the splits.

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