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Adding ice to a protein shake could temporarily change the state of certain fats (i.e. from liquid to solid), but this does not change how hard it is to burn off the fat once it's in your body. Firstly, by the time fats get absorbed into the body from the digestive tract, they have likely been heated to body temperature. Secondly, regardless of the state of ...


Cooking (whether baking, frying, grilling, or using a microwave) has a nominal effect on the nutritional value of foods. Using the uncooked data for calculating the post frying impact is fine.


Your questions suggest to me that you have not done major distance on an elliptical machine (or the road) before. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you treat this like a road marathon and follow all the normal advice for that e.g. if you can do 10km now then a 4 month programme will have you in shape to complete this. Clothing, nutrition and hydration: ...


This is just broscience... you know: "If you do not take your whey right after training, you are going straight catabolic". Just eat whole foods, train hard, sleep well and take your protein shake, with ice or otherwise, to complement your calorie intake


I think the mistake you are making in your question is that you assume whey protein is not food. Whey protein is food just like anything else, it's usually referred to as a supplement because it has conveniently great macros for bodybuilding (if we take this as a general example 20g protein per 100 calories in a scoop). You can substitute 2 scoops (40g ...


First things first, nothing can substitute food. Protein supplements should only be taken when you know you simply can not eat that much. Protein is actually cheaper. Right supplements can actually save you money, if approached in a smart way. A chicken breast that has 20g of protein costs 1-2 euros depending what you are buying. A serving of protein costs ...


Congratulations! I am doing the same thing although I am starting with a half marathon. I am new to running for long periods of time. I made sure I had a good base running of 30 minutes four days per week before I started the training for the half. I then picked a half 12 week training program for a half marathon that slowly increases by distance each ...

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