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Shuttle runs, short wind sprints, lateral shuffle sprints are good exercises. For short burst speed, you need to practice short burst speed. Work into it though, simply going out one day and hammering a bunch of shuttle runs is a good way to pull muscles. The more you do it, the faster you will be. Also practice form drills, such as high knees and butt ...


Any type of physical activity carries some degree of injury, and that's a risk you should consciously be aware of when engaging in any kind of team or individual sport. The clip you saw is probably an extreme case or an outlier. If the clip was of a more common injury, then I think you probably need to address some mental barriers. If you're engaged in team ...


You should never ask for medical advise in such an electronic medium, especially when you have already gotten an advise from a professional. Even if there are/were doctors or physiotherapists here, they would not (and should not) give any advise without having examined you in person. You really should talk to a physio if you are serious about getting back ...


One simple thing that you can do is start jumping rope. It's good for overall conditioning, and you have to get your feet moving quickly and rhythmically to do it well. There are tons of variations, too, so if you get good at straight skipping, you can do double jumps, cross overs, etc.

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