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Take a zip lock bag and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Put gloves into bag after workout and shake it like a paint mixer. Well bacteria thrives off of your sweat so baking soda will absorb the moisture and stop the stink. Oh and i forgot but another way is to throw your gloves into the freezer it will kill the bacteria that causes the stink.


Callouses form when your skin is pinched between gravity and the bar. If you learn to grab the bar in such a way that your skin is no longer pinched, you will prevent the formation of callouses. Additionally, using chalk helps improve your grip while also preventing callouses because the bar doesn't move as easily in your hands (as opposed to when they are ...


No. Speed bag work is non-injurious; wraps provide more wrist support, unnecessary on the speed bag. You might lose a tiny bit of mobility depending on the gloves.


As far as I know, the only purpose for gloves is prevention of callus, as you said, and protection from skin lesion. The reason that a lot of people (me included) do not like gloves could be that they're sweating more within the gloves, or find it uncomfortable for some other reason.


Putting a dryer sheet in each glove will help them dry faster and stink less. I use them in my vibrams too.


I leave mine in the sun (on my dash) afterwards. They get a little faded, but they never stink.


I personally dislike using gloves because as others stated they make your hands sweat. Secondly I would like to always feel the bar when I am performing harder exercises than chin-ups and pull-ups. Thirdly wearing gloves always seemed to be conflicting the whole workout idea. You go to the gym in order to work hard so that you can reap results later from ...


The use of gloves while working out can help with a number of things as well as hinder others. Personally I used to use gloves in my intense weight training sessions and found them to hinder the growth of calluses but did however, improve my grip strength drastically (I used very thick gloves). Due to having to grip harder on certain exercises, such as pull ...

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