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While you won't be able to do much to impact the actual height of your body through exercise, to help make use of what you do have for height you can do exercises to strengthen your back and shoulders, leading to a more upright natural position which appears taller. Deadlifts are a great exercise to accomplish this; within a few months you should notice a ...


Actually, height is largely genetic. However, nutrition is what impacts it from en environmental standpoint, and not exercise (it has a slight effect, assuming you are not a professional powerlifter, marathon runner or the like). So no, you cannot increase height by doing certain exercises. The notion that training basketball or volleyball makes you taller ...


No. Height is purely genetic. There aren't any exercises you can do that will influence your height.


A very important factor here is the question: are you male or female? From what I've observed: Young women tend to stop growing taller by the time they are your age. Young men tend to keep growing till their early 20s. There are exceptions in both cases, but as a general rule this is what I've observed over the years. A friend of mine was about your ...

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