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Bodyweight exercises depend on, well, your body weight--specifically, how much strength you have relative to the weight you are moving. If it makes you feel better, when I started out I couldn't do more than five push-ups nor more than one pull-up. Now I can do at least 20 push-ups in a set (I have not actually tried doing them until exhaustion) and about ...


The first question I would have to ask you is are you 40 kg or less? The reason you have a hard time with these body weight exercises is because the resistance of your body is more than you are currently used to. As you get stronger, you will be able to do more. Before I started losing weight, I could barely get 5 push ups at 138 kg body weight, but now I ...


Are you certain about the unloaded bar weights for your home and your gym? Look up the specs on your bar and the bar at the gym. Grip also makes a difference, but should not be that profound. It doesn't look like York puts up specs on most of their bars (which is bad practice IMO) but you can probably send them an e-mail. Don't know what brand or model the ...


Those were parodies of real exercises. If those exercises were done with perfect form (and seriousness), they are very effective. They are examples of body weight exercises and they are very good for the body.

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