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Don't working-out right before trying to sleep. Most people need a couple of hours to cool-down after exerting themselves before they'll be ready to sleep. In your case, it appears that has been fulfilled - 5:45 to 10:30 should be plenty of time for your body to ramp-down and be ready for sleep. Unless, of course, you consumed a stimulant like caffeine. ...


did u take any medications prior to workout P.S. I am unable to write in the comment box as I do not have enough reputation (sign), therefore I am writing my suggestion as an answer and will remove it if it doesn't help


Would like to offer a few short statements: Your testicles get 'dibs' on protein. (debatable) Those who ascribe to the concept of energy-flow Ki or Chi are likely to indicate that masturbation redirects your vitality and causes 'diffusion'. (debatable) Frequent masturbation is a good work out for one arm at least. (empirical)


I am new to this and I don't understand what do Most fitness facilities train their staff to help new members on becoming acclimated with their facility. A few provide personal trainers (sometimes at a fee) to assist you in obtaining your goals. You should not feel awkward seeking out assistance from a “coach”. Especially if you are new to fitness ...


Had a Google but can't find any credible academic work, but there appears to be some academic interest in this field eg. Study Examines Breast Movement During Bare-Breasted Running (the article does mention pants)


The consensus is that there is no best time to workout, but rather that the best time is the one which will allow you to be committed to your training program. The reason for this is that exercising consistently gives long term benefits which outweigh the difference between a morning and evening workout. Your preference for morning versus evening training ...


Well for the experts advise there is no alternate to the morning exercise - You wake up with full relaxed muscles then you have some healthy diet with some workouts your muscles got enough time till night to react with the work out you performed giving you maximum results with healthy body and mind. Rest there are many instructors or gym people who you see ...


I live in Europe, but it's always good to compare practices. I can't imagine not getting clean after exercise and going on public transport (yes, we have it) or - heaven forbid - into the office without using shared facilities to get thoroughly clean. It also means you can lower your water usage at home and hence utility bills. Q1) Where do I keep my ...

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