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Nothing will happen. Training isn't just about training itself, but also about regeneration. After 12 hours your muscles will be absolutely destroyed and your regeneration will take a very long time. There is no point in training that long.


You've only been going to the gym for 4 weeks. It takes time to ramp up in weight, and ramping up in weight is not as important as having proper form. As long as the smaller people are using proper form, it's fine that they are using heavier weights. However, it's often the case that people use improper form and high weights, which can result in injury. I ...


Are you looking for an order for these things? I just stopped being a student but I would be inclined to do Train Eat Meditate Study You should eat soon after training to make sure you actually get the benefits of your workout. Then meditating to get yourself into the mindset to study makes sense.


Actually you should be worried more about your form when you perform the exercises. If your form is not good enough you can lift more weight but all to no avail. You will just trick yourself you are better and making progress. As for the weight the rules is more weight, fewer reps (80% percent of the max weight you can lift 3 series of 6-8 reps) for a set. ...


Most trainers are like that. The majority of trainers work in low-budget gyms for cheap wages in places where clients don't take their fitness too seriously. There are some great trainers out there, but you're not going to find them (for long anyway) working in a big-box gym. The really good trainers work in professional or high level amateur and academic ...


Be careful with too much bench pressing if you have a job where you arms are outstretched all day as you may end up with rounded shoulders.


Do a balanced program, meaning, train your back as much as your chest and shoulders. Do high volume chest exercises e.g. Dumbbell or Barbell Bench press, weight push ups and dips, you should at least be bench pressing 1.2xbw before changing it up for something. Train higher volume with medium intensity.


The reality is there are 3 or 4 ways to expand your chest visually in order: Chest Muscles Lat Muscles Shrink Waist Enlarge Shoulders A good starting point will be Dumbbell Bench Press (generally gets better range of motion than barbell), Dips, Barbell Rows, and Flies and/or Pec Deck if you have one. For some depending on your mechanics Dumbbell Bench ...

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