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Since you describe yourself as a sprinter in another question I'd like to add explosive exercises like Olympic lifts and box jumps to the advice you already received. I would also recommend a short swimming session after a hard gym session, if your gym is at the pool. It feels so much better afterwards, I promise.


Anyone with job, and family likely experiences what you describe, and has the same question. What is the best routines for time available. I think personally basic movement patterns and exercise to counterbalance the repetitive nature of work (long hours of sitting, standing, bad posture etc..) in combination with stretching is the best the non athlete can ...


Assuming you mean weight (resistance) training when you say “Gym”, you're actually comparing two somewhat different, but, complimentary activities. So, if at all possible, why not do both? As Alec states, your worry about a “gym body” is unfounded for the reasons he lists. However, that should not discourage you from participating in an exercise program ...


For either of the two to deliver the weight loss you want, a fair amount of discipline is required. Assuming the same level of discipline with either, I think buying a bike would deliver the best result. This is not so much a cardio vs weights thing, as you can clearly do some cardio in the gym, but it is much easier to make cycling regularly part of your ...


A few misconceptions here. You will never ever get that "gym body", so don't worry about it It sounds harsh, but it's true for a few different reasons. It's hard to achieve in the first place. You need to put a LOT of time and effort, and even money into it, in order to get the "gym body". A lot of people try, and don't succeed, even WITH the time and ...


Any protein you get from meat and dairy. You are 14 years old and not fully developed, which means that if you are even semi-aware of what you eat, you'll reap huge benefits. Just eat what your parents serve you, and finish your vegetables!

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