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I have no idea where you're getting your body image from of male ballet performers (as an example) being anything other than powerhouses. They don't train for hypertrophy, but plenty of male dancers (contemporary, ballet, etc) have very muscular physiques. I'd venture to guess that the guy below (a contemporary dancer) has far better strength performance ...


There are many different variables at play here, and it's not just restricted to exercise routines... Weight: It takes less effort to push a 110 lb body off the mat than it does a 200 lb body, so by having a leaner body they are more efficient with their muscles. Practice: It takes practice to do complex moves, and flips are certainly no exception. Simply ...


Do a few steps (5-7 so not to tired) do a high hurdle and swing your back leg over really fast. Keep trying it may come quick or may take a year or more but but keep practicing. Drills- dive cartwheel, hop cartwheel, high cartwheel and super fast cart wheel! GOOD LUCK BESTIE 😘

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