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The best stretch I've found for the posterior chain (touching your toes) is a dynamic stretch called the flexibility rollover or half reverse roll. It's fun and really gets you deep into the stretch. You'll be able to touch your toes in no time. Here's a video of the stretch in action (another video here). Starting position: Ending position:


I had a huge growth spurt in high school and my muscles never lengthened out. Trying to touch my toes with straight knees and back led to excruciating pain around the back of the knee and upper calves. The way I got through my stiffness problems was actually with several support stretches. Once I had loosened the muscles connected to my hamstrings, I got ...


Honestly, the best training for touching your toes is just doing it. Stand with your legs straight (although not with your knees bent inwards) and lower yourself as far as you can. Then, stay in that position for a few seconds, try to relax and stretch just a little bit further. When coming back up, again, do it slowly (the general advice people call out is ...

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