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In my opinion the best exercise to really get big hams is the stiff leg deadlift with the barbell or even with dumbbells as @Buddy said in his answer keep the reps between 8-12


If you want to go for size, hypertrophy exercises/rep ranges will work best for you. Here is a list of hamstring exercies. Any high rated one your gym has the equipment for should work fine, including the leg curls you already do. Your goal rep range should be 8-12 reps/set, generally increasing weight each set. If on the last set you can't do 6, decrease ...


If you're really tight, the lying knee to knee stretch will get felt in your hamstrings as well. So if you need more flexibility in that area, you'll get it, although it's not really a "hamstring stretch" in the purest sense. I answered a similar question a few weeks ago, and would recommend reading that one as well, particularly the single leg deadlift ...

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