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As with all health questions, the answer is to see a doctor. Dizziness could indicate that an insufficient amount of oxygen is reaching your brain. Causes of that can be as benign as being very winded or as serious as a heart problem. A physical examination by a doctor is the only way to know the cause is benign.


Yes, Tai Chi can provide health and fitness benefits to anyone who practices it regularly. Elderly people find that it is well suited to their physical capabilities. Tai Chi can help improve balance, mucscle strength, joint range of motion, relaxation, breathing and concentration. Elderly people often have joint problems that are painful and can prevent ...


Here's a blog article I haven't posted yet. Will weight lifting, strength training, etc, stunt my or my child's growth? If you (or your child) aren't sprouting up as quickly as the other kids and you've been lifting weights, it's easy to resort to believing the old wives' tale that you're short because of the weight training. We may never know how this ...

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