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It's just not OK but is also recommended. When you end your exercises your body needs food, especially proteins and good carbs !! But i won't enter in nutritional aspects of this because your question appear to be about hygiene. It's ok to eat if you just wash your hands, there's no harm on that because normally the rest of your body won't touch your food ...


This article claims that broken capillaries can very much be expected from intense exercise: http://blog.mariobadescu.com/broken-capillaries/ When the capillary walls contract and expand too quickly, the muscles in the wall tear and allow blood to seep through. Repeated dilation from hot water/showers, microdermabrasion, spicy foods, alcohol, intense ...


Is it okay to instead eat a full meal after those 15-20 minutes before taking a bath if I just wash my hands? Yes, there is no set time for you to consume your post workout meal.

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