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For your running efficiency, do some reading on prose running and how to control your breathing. With practice, active and resting heart rates will go down sooner rather than later. A doctor would probably best be able to answer whether or not your heart rate is too high. If this is the case, start with shorter distances and work your way up. I was in a ...


Although I consider this off-topic - it's medicine/biology, not fitness - I'll offer a simple answer; your body needs to transfer a lot more antibodies (plasma cells used by the immune system) to get rid of bacteria and vira that are causing your illness.


I agree with doing a self-administered test. The tough ones aren't fun, but you'll know the truth. Run a 5k race or time trial hard, running the last 1k-800m increasingly faster. Sprint hard to the end. Find a long, hard hill (e.g., ~2 minutes from bottom to top). Run up it 2-3 times. Push hard as you get to the top. Run 2km on a track, increasing pace ...


220 - Age for maximum heart rate is one of the worst myths in sports. Your maximum heart rate may be less than 179, or it may be much more. For example, I am currently in my late 40's, and I regularly hit in the high 190's on hill sprint cycling workouts. There are various step tests and self administered tests that you can do outlined on the web, I would ...

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