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I had been regularly going for fitness training every morning. I got afraid i will be deprived of regular exercises when some spider veins started appearing on my legs. My friend, Albert had suggested that i should stop doing exercises and give maximum rest to my legs. He was having the opinion that if i ignore the spider veins it will turn in to painful ...


You likely experienced 'The Pump' - i.e. a temporary swelling of a well-used muscle due to additional blood-flow. It can last for several hours, but after the 12 hour period since your workout, it certainly could have faded. It's completely normal - don't worry too much about small changes to muscle-size.


YEP! ...but only in excess. Cardio used as warm-up exercises should not be detrimental to gains. But prolonged sessions of cardio will reduce size.


Yes Strictly speaking, anything other than walking, light stretching, resting, lifting heavy weights, and eating is cutting into your strength and muscle gains. Those attributes are built with specific stimulus and recovery. Cardio is not part of that specific stimulus or recovery and therefore is an interloper. But that's only the case if your single goal ...


I've experienced similar symptoms during CrossFit metcon style workouts where I'm breathing heavily in conjunction with lifting moderately heavy weights. The sensation is not unlike the blocked/muffled ears you experience during take-off or landing when flying (but without the discomfort). I spoke to my GP about it and his assessment was that it sounded ...

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