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Gymnastic Strength Training is a perfect option for you in my opinion. It is very well designed program with tons of progressions and requires almost negligible equipment.


Training is in essence applying force to a resistance. How that resistance looks like is just limited to your imagination. The World is your gym (phrase stolen from Ross Enamait) go out and train outside in fresh air, you can do pull-ups, chin-ups, dips on trees or monkey bars on playgrounds, using heavy stones, barrels or kegs for overhead lifting or ...


Get a pullup/chinup bar. You can get one for about $20. Buy a couple of parallel bars where you can do dips. If you have a couple of sturdy chairs, they will do. Pullups, chinups, dips, pushups, planks, bodyweight squats are all great exercises that could make up for a very decent routine.


Lifting>family but really, you might be able to find a place to do chinups in a park or on a tree or something, it's one of the best exercises to do. Maybe you can buy a metal bar from a hardware store and make a chinup station yourself. Dips are also great. Other than that you can start a running routine.


If you consider yourself handy then you could consider building some weightlifting equipment yourself. It is cheap and surprisingly simple. Although I do recommend that you do buy the barbell since making one out of wood or other common materials would be considerably weaker or larger if you try to maintain the same strength. Buff Dudes have a Youtube ...


Do not regret this break from your weightlifting and take the opportunity to become an even better weightlifter. The trainers I have had, most often has used about half of the workout for yoga exercises to improve flexibility, range, mobility and core strength. Exercises like over-the-head-squats demands extremely high flexibility. You can highly improve ...

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