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Within-participant comparisons reveal and inverse logarithmic relationship between ∆muscleCSA and V•O2max. In other words, although we all love adding muscle, it can absolutely be detrimental to some other exercise adaptations, like work rate in activities of middle and long durations.


Hypertrophy is the sole phenomenon of muscles getting bigger. (This can be considered a distinct physiological process, but is difficult if not impossible to trigger separate from increases in strength, endurance, and so on.) Hypertrophy in and of itself slightly increases strength due to leverage advantages that come with greater cross-sectional area ...


I think the main problem is your cardio. Because your calorie intake is moderate, if you do cardio, then you are losing more calories and thus your size isn't changing. The best way to build muscle size is to forget about your abs (for beginners). Follow a high carb and high protein diet (high calories), do much less cardio when you want to gain your ...

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