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It doesn't sound bad. I recommend going above five reps for at least some sets, since I find the upper body responds well to higher volume and it's not the worst thing in the world to train some endurance. I expect you'll actually see better strength results that way anyway. The more common method of loading pull-ups is to use a dip belt, but the backpack ...


I think you touched on your problem in your notes. A common problem with beginners is that they tend to lose torque when starting the pull. I've seen this many times: a beginner will set up behind the bar, get into a great position, load up, then start the pull. Immediately their butt will shoot up, their spine will over-arch in one direction or another ...


If you are not feeling pain, there is no reason to be concerned. Dip belts are good, you can also buy a weighted vest. That way the weight is more evenly distributed.

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