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Recommendations With Little Impact on Joints Biking: If you have access to a stationary bike or you have an actual bike, this is a good exercise for you. There isn't a lot of stress on the joints and you can go at your own pace (although going fast is recommended). If you have access to a Spin class also, I would recommend it as you would have a lot of ...


Pain If you have possible injuries, you should absolutely consult a doctor, and not the internet. You will quite probably need a scan of some sort. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say you've pulled a muscle, or possibly torn a tendon/ligament, depending on the intensity of the pain. 60 bridges sounds like a possible cause here. Oh, and about those ...


but i can't do cardiovascular training or most body-weight type training due to the strain my weight puts on my joints Why do you think you can't work your heart or upper body? There are lots of exercises you can do for your heart that are easy on your joints. The first that comes to mind is swimming, which is actually very good at training your ...


I would recommend you try a trusted training program. It's possible you're suffering from DOMS, not "joint pain". Regardless, if you're doing the wrong things it will be painful and short lived. If you do a good program, you'll strengthen your muscles and connective tissues (joints) in a safe and effective way.

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