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Here are some core workouts I can think of that shouldn't use the shoulder. Superman (without arms extended) Crunches Reverse Crunch Bicycles Side Crunch Source: I hurt my shoulder back in January and did a lot of these instead of the plank family.


Tonny, Sorry about the shoulder injury. There are minor alternatives to planks; however, they all involve shoulder usage. In my opinion, if you cannot perform plank (an exercise that requires no movement) due to shoulder issues, no other single exercise exists as a substitute. This source highlights some exercises that can be done to replace planks; ...


Injury sucks and it can never heal quick enough. To let it heal completely, you will need to have patience, though. First of all - and yes, I'm being preachy, bear with me - see a specialist. A trip to your physician is never really wasted time, even if he just tells you to slow down. In the worst case scenario you're really hurt and doing nothing can lead ...

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